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Oversize cargo carriage with "Alberani Logistics"

There are many companies specializing in the transportation of goods of different weights and sizes. We offer the flexibility and creativity in the preparation and development of the project and combine different modes of transport to optimize costs. We do not limit the transportation - we consider the whole range of activities and actions required to meet the client's needs. A distinctive feature of our services - efficiency in decision-making and providing the customer information it need. We - client oriented company, and our task - to protect the customer from possible challenges and problems encountered during the execution of works.

Transportation of bulky goods ordering a variety of businesses that want their goods were delivered promptly and safely to their destination. Alberani Logistics company has successfully engaged in precisely such transport. 

We offer our clients:
- carriage of goods by road, sea, rail and air transport;
-  delivery of complete and general cargo;
warehousing services;
consultations in the field of economic activity;
maintenance contracts;
handling and crane service;
transport of dangerous goods;
delivery of bulky cargoes;
forwarder's liability insurance.

We have extensive experience working with the most varied categories of goods especially in transportation of heavy and bulky goods. The individual approach is always demanding from the organizers of oversized transport. That is why you need to apply the transport of oversized cargoes in Alberani Logistics. 

Project cargo: features, specific organizations 

Bulky goods are a variety of objects (equipment, construction machinery, etc.), which in size, weight, or both parameters exceed the characteristics established by the Rules of the road traffic for the goods carriage. If the cargo is too large, it can not be carried in ordinary containers and conventional types of vehicles. All parts of transportation should be created keeping in the case of non-standard goods. It's no secret that every mode of transportation may have a different capacity, which is regulated by the manufacturer. Specialists do not have a list of items that are not suitable for carriage in one form or another vehicle, because every day these things are changing. That is why, when produced oversized transport, so important in each case to use an individual approach and choose the most suitable transport. In our company to provide staff support the project, which is fully in charge of the project and is responsible to the customer for the problems encountered and the current situation.

 If you are interested in oversized transport, we are ready to organize them effectively. We guarantee our customers that:

oversize cargo transportation will be designed to trifles;
- oversize cargo transportation will be made on the most convenient route, with the experts from "Alberani Logistics";
- truck drivers are controlled by our professional logisticians at each stage;
- you can get information on where your shipment at any time. 

You can be assured of maximum speed of order execution. "Alberani Logistics" providing fast and quality work, route planning, loading. Alberani Logistics’ staff will devise a special scheme of work, which implies a certain discounts and special offers.
          Specialists of our company will provide all possible services for the carriage of goods of large sizes using an individual approach to each client. Any goods (special equipment, agricultural or construction equipment, or vehicles) will be delivered by us to the point of destination within a specified period.

Choosing our company and entrusting us with your goods, you can calmly focus your mind on the tasks facing directly in front of your business and provide us with logistics.

Recommendations by our customers would be presented upon the request.

Oversized cargo transportation would no longer be your problem with "Alberani Logistics" company!

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